Improve your taste buds and experience fried foods using deep fryer

What is a deep fryer?

Deep fryers are kitchen appliances used for deep frying food items in no time. There is a wide range of deep fryers which can be used for commercial purposes or for general use. Some fryers come with large baskets with bigger cooking capacity while others are smaller in size. The best deep fryer for general use comes with small baskets enough to be used on a countertop and with different features for easy usage. It can not only cook at high temperatures but also maintain it in time.


Deep fryers are ideal for having delicious food in no time and to get the right crisp, color and taste temperature is the key. The best deep fryers include adjustable thermostats which allow you to control the temperature in order to keep the oil hot while adding the food items as adding food items lowers the temperature. Some fryers also contain timers which ensure you with perfectly cooked foods.

Some fryers have closable lids that help to keep you safe from hot oil spills along with breakaway power cords which ensure to prevent dangerous situations or accidents to occur. Most deep fryers include oil filters which remove tiny food particles from the hot oil to ensure safe and clean cooking, a thermometer through which you can measure the perfect temperature needed for the food item to cook, and an electric or gas burner as a heating source.

The frying baskets and containers of deep fryers are easily detachable which helps you in thorough cleaning after cooking. Some fryers include containers for storing oils and others contain drains or spouts which help to make your food grease free and crisp.

Two things to consider when choosing

Before choosing a deep fryer or any other kitchen appliances, there are a number of things to consider. Few are listed:

  • Size and storage:

The first thing to consider is the size of the fryer. The size of the frying baskets depends on whether you want it for general purpose or for commercial use and what food items you are going to fry. You can use small fryers for small food items like French fries, vegetables, meat etc. but for larger food items like a whole turkey or chicken you need to opt for a larger frying basket.

A large frying basket also triggers the question of storage. As it is designed for usage on countertops, you need to buy the best deep fryer of correct size in order to store it along with your other kitchen appliances. Easy storage will eventually lead to easy access to your appliance thus you can enjoy deep fried food items more frequently.

  • Method of cooking and use:

Secondly you should consider the method of cooking before buying a deep fryer. Whether you want to buy an electric deep fryer or a gas deep fryer depends on where you are going to use it while cooking. An electric deep fryer is easy and comfortable to use indoors but a gas deep fryers are ideal for usage in the outdoors.

Using deep fryers depend on whether you are a hardcore fan of fried food items or not. Deep frying food items often will eventually lead to more usage of the fryer and hence it needed to be good enough to hold on. You should read the features and look at the constructions carefully before buying it.

Cooking right

Cooking with deep fryers can be easy and time-consuming but to get the best results and make your food more delicious here are few tips:

  • Using the right oil is the foremost requirement while deep frying. This is because the oil needs to be hot enough to fry without penetrating the food items. So choosing an oil which has a high smoke point will ensure you with delicious treats.
  • Maintaining the temperature so that the oil remains hot is also crucial. This can be done by the adjustable temperature controller and also by adding food items in less proportion.
  • You should also keep in mind to drain the excess oil before serving. Deep fried foods tend to contain excess oils on the surface as the oil could not penetrate the food item. Blotting the food with tissue can help you remove the excess oil.

Three benefits or advantages

There are several advantages of the best deep fryer over other kitchen appliances. Few are listed:

  • Improved taste:

The deep fried food items always taste better than other cooked foods. The oils surrounding the food helps to retain and seal the taste or flavor while deep frying. The oils also add a delicious flavor to the food item.

  • Tenderness:

Deep fryers help to retain the moisture and tenderness of the food items. Using other kitchen appliances can often lead to a dry and moisture less food which is very unpleasant to eat, but it will not happen with deep fryers. Even if the food is overcooked, it still retains the moisture and keeps it tender.

  • Cooking speed:

Using the best deep fryer you can cook food much faster than any other methods. Whether it is a larger food item or small, you can cut reduce the cooking time for deep fryers than in any other appliances.

Safety measures

Apart from the features and advantages of the deep fryers, safety measures should also be taken care of. You should always be careful while cooking on a deep fryer as oil spills may occur thus always opts for a fryer with covering lids. Use heavy bottom fryers usually made of cast iron which will ensure longer heating and efficiency. Always opt for a fryer which has a decent length cord in order to avoid unnecessary accidents. Small and simple fryers are always preferred due to storage and regular use.

A deep fryer is a must if you want to cook food which is tendered and has more flavors quickly in no time. You can decide on an electric or gas deep fryers as per your use.