Enjoy traditional and regular delicacies with Panini Presses

What is a Panini press?

A Panini press is a type of grill which is designed for heating sandwiches, meat products, vegetables, etc. It is a type of contact grill with a heated bottom and top plates which can cook food on both sides simultaneously. It is convenient for grilling sandwiches and other foods quickly as it has dual burners thus improving cooking times and hence easy to use.


It is powered by electricity and has a compact size which ensures space efficiency. It is often rated for 120, 208, and 240-volt services thus ranging from 650 to 1800 watts of power. The function of the best Panini press is to heat food from both the sides with appropriate internal temperature. It also has external characteristics like food safe, melted cheese; grill marks, etc. thus offering you with clean and safe cooking.

The adjustable plates let you cook sandwiches of any sizes with even pressure and heat. The handle allows you to put on extra leverage for pressing down tall sandwiches so that the ingredients inside bonds and compacts. The grill grooves provide you with grilled food items rather than a simple dish.

Two things to consider when choosing

It is the best to choose to meet the need for fast production of small batches of cooked foods. Two things to consider when choosing the best Panini press are:

  • Floating hinge and contact surface:

The type of hinges and the way in which the grill plates contact the food product is an important function to look for. Floating hinges basically mean that you can close the grill at different heights so that it can accommodate any size sandwiches, a tall sandwich as well as short grilled sandwiches with even pressure and heat. It is not hinged together at the back like most contact grills. You can also grill your food open face by setting the upper plate to hover above without contacting directly with the food.

Different Panini grills come with two surface type plates- grooved or grilled and flat. The grooved plates are best for sandwiches, burgers, and other items which prefer grilled marks while the flat plates are good for preparing pancakes, eggs, etc. Some best Panini press offers removable plates so that you can easily wash the plates and some are reversible that is, grooved on one side and flat on the other. The plates are made of aluminum or cast iron and are coated with non-stick Teflon coatings.

  • Size and adjustable thermostat:

The best Panini press is designed for countertop use and is thus available in different sizes and shapes. It provides you to with enough cooking area and at the same time also ensures you that it fits well in space you provide. You should think about what you want to use the press for before buying the right size like whether making only sandwiches or any full-fledged meal. As it is designed for countertops it comes in simple, compact and easy to carry or move designs.

An adjustable thermostat is a must required if you want to use the press for lots of different kinds of food for grilling. It is because different types of food need different cooking times as well as different temperatures. Having fine adjustment knobs and specific temperature selections allow you to cook a different variety of heartier food items with ease and efficiency.

Cooking different delicacies

Cooking an authentic Panini sandwich cannot be imitated by an oven or stove. The Panini press or grills are the only appliance which comes up with the right brown color and the right crisp in your Panini sandwich. It makes your sandwiches look good as well as taste good with a very little effort and time. Not only the traditional sandwiches, but it has interchangeable parts and features which make it multipurpose.

It is designed for healthy cooking as the food items come out grease free and thus can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes in no time. It can be used both as indoor or outdoor grilling hence it is fun to cook dishes and serve at the same time.

Three benefits or advantages

The simple, handy and reliable kitchen tool has a number of benefits. Few are:

  • Easy to use:

Apart from its simple to use and compact design the fact that the two plates are removable allows it to be used easily and efficiently. The sandwich or burger fillings tend to ooze out of the bread into the grill grates during the press. Sometimes cleaning up can be a dreadful work as you have to wrestle with the appliance in order to clean the food particles from the grill grooves. The best Panini press comes with removable plates that are dishwasher safe and thus are easily washable.

  • Both side cooking:

Due to its two-sided heat plates, the foods are cooked on both sides simultaneously. Some of them come with reversible plates with which you can grill and cook at the same appliance. With high power usage, you are assured that the vegetables, meat, bread are all perfectly cooked from the inside and out for a healthy serve. The plates heat up easily as they are made of aluminum and contain non-stick Teflon coating and are best for a delightful and delicious meal.

  • Modern yet simple:

The Panini grills are a simple yet easy way to make all kinds of homemade sandwiches as well as the traditional Panini sandwich. There is no need to slave over the stove or wait for the oven to heat up. The modern designed and easily accessible plates provide you with quality delicacies for a number of people in the quickest time possible.

The Panini press or grill is a versatile appliance with interchangeable parts and unique features. The two-sided reversible plates make it a multiple purpose unit which can be used both as a press or open cooking. It is easy to use, takes less cooking time and is dishwasher safe.